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Our software is built on the shoulders of giants. We use several third parties to perform continuous monitoring, host our apps, etc.


While we don’t formally recommend third-party services, a handful have been approved, procured, and provide services which are essential for attaining an Authority-to-Operate (ATO). To get started quickly and to ease the ATO burden, use these systems; pain awaits your project otherwise.

Purpose Tool
Back end Performance Monitoring New Relic APM
Continuous Integration CircleCI and/or GitHub Actions
Dependency Analysis Snyk and/or GitHub
Front end Performance Monitoring Google Analytics (via DAP)
Note: New Relic is not approved.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) See Before You Ship
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Source Control GitHub
Static Site Hosting Federalist
Uptime Monitoring New Relic Synthetics
User Analytics Digital Analytics Program (DAP)


We also track a second set of services that aren’t as essential as the above, but which we provide for consistency and shared knowledge across projects. These are good defaults should their need arise; you should generally think twice before building these tools yourself.

Purpose Tool
API Analytics
API Throttling
Site Search
Static Code Analysis Code Climate Quality
Test Coverage Tracking Code Climate Quality