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A set of guidelines and best practices for an awesome engineering team

How we classify best practices

These documents are structured by topic; under each, we include “Requirement”, “Standard”, “Default”, and “Suggestion”.

Requirement indicates practices that must be done for regulatory, legal, compliance, or other reasons.

Standard signifies practices that have a strong consensus across 18F; they should generally be followed to ease the ATO process and make on-boarding simpler.

Default practices are safe selections that tend to be used by a large number of our projects; you may find yourself with a better or more tailored solution, however.

Suggestion indicates examples that have worked well on a project or two; they’re not widely used enough to be defaults, but are worth considering.

Note: we’ve adopted the above classifications but not all the topics have been updated to use them. Please submit a pull request to recommend particular classification for discussion.

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