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About this guide

A set of guidelines and best practices for an awesome software engineering team.

Technology Transformation Services (TTS) — which includes 18F, Centers of Excellence (CoE), Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF), and TTS Solutions — promote best practices across specialty areas through guilds.

This guide is where the TTS Engineering Practices Guild collects its best practices and resources for software development at TTS, as well as on our partner engagements. Our focus is cloud-native digital services and our recommendations in this guide reflect the needs of that domain.

How we classify best practices

These documents are structured by topic; under each, we include “Requirement”, “Standard”, “Default”, “Suggestion”, and “Caution”.

Requirement indicates practices that must be done for regulatory, legal, compliance, or other reasons.

Standard signifies practices that have a strong consensus across TTS; they should generally be followed to ease the ATO process and make on-boarding simpler.

Default practices are safe selections that tend to be used by a large number of our projects; you may find yourself with a better or more tailored solution, however.

Suggestion indicates examples that have worked well on a project or two; they’re not widely used enough to be defaults, but are worth considering.

Caution marks approaches that have significant pitfalls or should not be used for security/compliance reasons.

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